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Many tunic models have no undercut, a low cut

Each country has its own culture, habits and lifestyle, which determine the coinage and style of clothingLife in Denmark, judging by emigrants, can be described as fair competition. If a neighbor bought an expensive car or went on a trip with his family, then it is unlikely that the second neighbor will be jealous and look even more to show off. The indigenous population does not like frills and hides them in opportunities. This i...

Dating Denmark with a photo

Fotoland is a Danish social network that allows you to spend time, expand communication and meet new peopleHere you can play popular online games with your friends to have fun with your electronic pet, and the reliable mobile version allows you to stay in constant communication even when you are not at the computer.

India: Help with a donation or sponsorship - SOS children's villages worldwide

They help needy children and families

You can help SOS village councils in India: you support an SOS children's village and its neighbourhood helpThe Dalai Lama Since he years a very good cooperation between the Tibetan community in exile and the SOS-children's villages.

Both support organisations to implement the SOS children's village for Tibetan children in the act.

the first Tibetan SOS children's village has developed from a poorly-made children's home in...

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Now chat for free without registration

You can use the free registration, and lead you chat conversations of friendship, flirting or erotic chat conversationsHere is something for everyone here, and thanks to the strong media presence and advanced Technology, the place is crawling with chat enthusiastic people who like to communicate online with other people and meet other people. Here you can talk about God and the world, make new friends or sports partners and also erotic f...

India - the Largest democracy in the world - women in India

Indologist and foreign correspondent for Focus

Language and study stays you already had before getting back into the countryHer fascination for India, the addiction between Tradition and progress its way, it has retained until today. This Text is published under the Creative Commons license. The Name of the author, rights-holder should be called.

Author: Dorothea Riecker for images graphics Videos are to be found directly in the images.

India fascinates.


Unhappy marriage: These things interfere with unhappily married

But why are so many relationships in a separation

What starts off as a great love in the fairy tale ends, unfortunately, only too often in a horror filmThe butterflies fly by, a man and a Woman live apart, have less Sex and to catch, suddenly imagining what it would be like to be with someone else. And why we know so few couples who make it, to want to several years only to each other. We wanted to know, and have spoken with unhappy married men.

And it was striking ho...

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