Girls as sex slaves - mirror of the world - the ARD, The First

We meet Munevera Khan in a women's centre in Hyderabad

She says she is years old

In your face, the tragedy is reflected in your life so far: eleven-year-old she had been when her parents sold you for.

The Euro: 'I was not even asked. My Relatives came together and have decided to get married, to a -year-old man from Oman. But you told me it was only on the day of the wedding. When I saw the old man, I just cried. I protested and I said, I'm much too young for ...

India: violence against women and girls

India is a focus of the SOS children's village work

Sons in India to apply as breadwinner, heir and heirs - daughters because of the expensive dowry, however, as the risk of povertyGirls a year are aborted, therefore, on the subcontinent, according to a study published in the medical journal 'the Lancet'. Due to the mass-selective abortions and girls killings in India one speaks of 'fungicide', 'Fötid'. India, according to a study that was presented, the woman hostile country...

How to dance to a woman in the Club. (Women, Men, Party)

Here goes, but it needs to be practiced

Hi guys, I'm at the Club tomorrow and would like to establish contacts with womenMy question is this: How to dance in the Club, when, and how, above all, a woman, without being Intrusive. You have to take the woman by the Hand, and then with her characters - it is important that you as much as possible move. You have to lead. If you don't have a dance course or untrained are, then don't do it. If you want to have in women more success, ...

DENMARK-Download videos from Youtube

Denmark is known for its Royal estates, designers and a Park in Copenhagen

However, this is not a complete list of areas of interest for this small country.

This version lasts for a few minutes, because I lost my camera during filming and was forced to meet with the Danish police. Overall, it was a more enjoyable experience (I'm not talking about the police, I'm talking about the loss), but very interesting. Anyway, if this is a good idea, what do you say? Facts and int...

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