Flood disaster in India, hits hundreds of thousands - Arcor

People from the outside world cut off

In lifeboats, people bring their belongings to safety, many must cling to rooftops, hundreds of thousands remain in emergency shelters: The according to official data, the worst flood in years, has the South Indian state of KeralaWater masses have more than.

The state government is trying to bring drinking water, food and medicines by air to, said the agriculture Minister of Kerala, VS senile Kumar, on Sunday.

In slow succ...

What makes a man interesting. Dating Psychology

Simple - because most men are “easy”

Something let me tell you about women will tell you that most men will NEVER know: It comes to be a CHALLENGEIf you - like all men - ask the question, what makes a man interesting, then, is a challenge for women. To be a challenge is one of the simplest and yet most effective methods that you distinct from other men. It doesn't matter where you're in a Club, the edge of the road, in the Café, at work, in a Bar, ANYWHERE - it just works.

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