The girl with the Indian emerald - Indian girl

Short-hand you book a flight to India and is on the way

Shortly before Christmas, the teacher Annie Kruger receives a phone call from IndiaHer father, who is supposed to be on holiday in Spain, has disappeared from a Hotel in Jaipur. On the way, she learns to Board the aircraft to the rich Indian Arun. After arriving In India, Annie is on the way to the Hotel, in which her father had accustomed her stolen your purse and you get to know the Indians Karan.

Karan is a pariah, who manages Annie's belongings from the thieves to get back and in the next few days his rickshaw through Jaipur.

As Annie in the hotel room of her father a list with the names of influential Indians, she tries to find out what is behind it, but no one wants to talk to her, to Marita Singh, a mysterious Maharani.

Those familiar with Annie's father, the doctor, Wilhelm Kruger, still from their previous activity.

In the Palace, Annie encounters a surprising way back to Arun, the son of Marita.

To help Annie in finding her father Arun invites you to a charity event the next evening.

That's where Annie hopes with the influence of Indians rich to come into the conversation. Since Arun is childish jealous of Karan, he makes his servant to ensure that Karans house destroyed in the Slums and he is arrested. On the charity Gala Annie to find out, that the huge emerald from the fairy tale, which you to your classroom prior to your departure India had yet to exist told, and in the possession of Maharani is located. A friend of the Maharani, Annie learns that her father had a relationship with the Indian midwife Mena.

This trail leads into the Void, as Mena had to leave after Annie's father, the country had established a Foundation a few years ago, has died.

Could help your Menas brother, Minus. He has lost after an accident both of his legs and is now regarded by the inhabitants of the Slums as a magician. But before their conversation with Mini Annie receives from Marathi, the news that the police was sure that her father was dead. After a car accident, he burned in a Taxi, and only his wedding ring left. Deeply shocked, Annie finds solace in Arun and commits with him to the funeral ceremony on the banks of the Ganges. Annie is fixed to leave a firm, but Arun to participate in to persuade her to a Dinner with his mother and other guests. It comes to the language that the Midwife Menas Martha at the time of your wedding blackmailed. The next day, Arun Annie accompanied to the airport, but before he brings you to a sacred place, and makes her a proposal of marriage. As a sign of his love, he gives her the emerald. In this Moment, suddenly appears a minus, and Annie advises to go to Chapel, then he is taken away by the police. Completely distraught Annie rejects the marriage proposal.

However, the Council of the wizard allows you no rest and so you seek out all the information you can get and decides not to use the return flight.

Arrived at the Colonial cemetery Chapel, Annie suddenly finds their 'own' grave stone.

On it is to read that Annie Krüger died at the age of three months. So, the question for Annie: Who she really is and where it originates. To learn more you tried to make with the help of Arun minus in the prison, but this is supposedly died in an escape attempt. In Prison they meet, however, on Karan, who is still being held here, and Annie learns that Arun is up for the destruction of the Karans home are responsible. Since they suspected that its origin is related to the Work of the midwife Menas together, she seeks the help of Dr. Hager, the today's Director of Menas Foundation. Explaining the role of the woman in India and that the birth of a girl is for the families, usually a small disaster, and only boys as master holders are welcome.

A deep bond develops between the two

The Maharani is Annie, and offers her money to leave the country immediately.

She confesses that she was replaced by Menas of help by a boy.

With horror, Annie must recognize that it is the first-born the real heir of the Maharajas and leave the Palace. Since, in the meantime, Arun appears, does not have to explain his"mother"to him that he is not her son. Also, he leaves without a word, the property. Surprisingly, Annie's father appears again on. He gives to his"daughter", and need a place to hide, because he is in danger, because he has blackmailed the wrong set of parents. Annie is determined to bring the scandal to the Public. With Aruns help, to apologize to her for his behavior and promises to Karans house to rebuild, she finds hidden documents, indicating that a further eight children were exchanged. After Annie is also clear that they will destroy with the Research, the Indian hierarchy. Arun, however, loses the ground under his feet, as he must realize that he comes from the worst Slum of Jaipur. He was supposedly born in the highest caste, is Less than Karan. As he must realize, he cannot in the shame of different users, to choose suicide. The Maharani, however, is dissipated, as a result of the testimony of Annie and her"father", the authorities were informed. As the heiress of the family of Singh can Annie Menas Foundation's financial support and their long-cherished desire, for the outcast, and the orphaned girl from Jaipur, a village of the"Girls", a reality. The Film was shot in Jaipur and Amber, India. In Germany he appeared as a two-parter, each with two minutes of the match on ZDF.

The first part of reached million viewers and a market share of, of the second part, million viewers and market share.

On DVD the Film was on. Published on December. The Film received many positive reviews. The Rheinische Post praised in your post"The girl with the Indian emerald"- a teacher in India's fairytale Kingdom that splendor with spectacular, cinema-like pictures as more intense color, picturesque temples, imposing palaces and snow-covered Himalayas, but also of the brutal poverty, exploitation and ausgrenzendem caste system had succeeded, the bewildering, spiritually charged country to bring a little closer. The FAZ stated that the"fairy-tale India tearjerker"had nothing to do with the miserable reality, however, by the looks and good actors convince.

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