As any other modern chat, the tohla chat got some regulations you shall follow, this regards to nude on broadcasting or rude phrases to other members. When you see somebody doesn’t Keep to the regulations in tohla chat, you shall to address to operators to find the solution of the question. And don’t lose, actually when the conversation in tohla chat is considered to be virtual, the persons you find there are real. We advise to be good educated in your individual chat room or in the mate’s chat applying tohla chat.

Anything on tohla chat depends on you and you may vary your occupation any moment you need it, and finish the chat or begin the new. Each day our programmers are developing the functions of tohla chat in the Impendle (KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa), that is why you can share with us your remarks about its functioning and success, any question or appeal, with what you may address to our moderator, who will all the time help you to resolve any trouble and will take your matter with respect. You may move as you want, to join chats of your friends and fellows you like, or to do your individual and call in other friends.