In the information age, a large proportion of people moved to communicate via the Internet. The online world is single and has no boundaries, so that people from all points of the globe can communicate with each other. In recent years a great popularity gained video chats, which came to replace traditional, text. International video chat allows you not only to make new acquaintances on any of the continents of the Earth, but also significantly improve their skills in foreign languages. People involved in international video chat, see the location of their interlocutors, which adds a lot of interest in this way of online communication. User interface international chat is pretty simple, it typically includes three sections. The first displays the message entered by You or Your companion. The second is used to display the video: Your and Of the interlocutor. Section three — technical settings and display main parameters. All video chats are based on two devices: a microphone and webcam, if available You will be able to communicate both with China and with the United States and any point of the globe. International video chats are now gaining huge popularity, their number is growing extremely rapidly. Your attention is a compilation consisting of ten of the best free international videochat, available on the Internet. Chatroulette lets you find and chat with strangers through text or through video. You can chat with a stranger till one of you leave the chat. All participants are selected randomly, neither Your name or registration on the site is not required. Non-standard approach to organization of communication in video chat. Although it requires registration, it is completely free and will not cause difficulties. You can add someone to my friends list or chat with strangers in the open for the public rooms. This international video chat, you can log in as a guest, and you can complete the registration process. The chat is divided into several dozen large rooms, organized according to the interests of (some, geographically. You can choose one of them or to invite someone into a private room.

We can create a room and then invite friends to join. There will be more opportunities, if you sign up, but most of them, unfortunately, are not free. Having a free account, you can chat, leave comments on profile pages of friends to see someone through a webcam. For more opportunities you will have to pay (Oh, the West. You can chat as a guest and if you sign up, you can create your own public chat. However, you have to pay for a private chat. International video chat «Dating Online», You can communicate with someone only when Your connection request adopted. If You sign up, you will be able to send files through the chat friends. Also, You can embed this chat on Your website. At the moment the chat doesn’t work, it was acquired by a large Corporation. Maybe soon, they will launch. «A quick Chat» allows you to create a video chat room with a permanent (static) address. You can enter the chat using your accounts in social networks to create a private chat.

In «Erotic Chat» You can add to your account and invite friends to join Your chat. Also, you can chat with other users «Erotic video Chat» or to send someone a video message.

The best function of video chat is that you can add it to your website. Very convenient for people doing business online. There’s a video conference, video presentations and other tools videos: video mail, video newspaper.

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