What starts off as a great love in the fairy tale ends, unfortunately, only too often in a horror film. The butterflies fly by, a man and a Woman live apart, have less Sex and to catch, suddenly imagining what it would be like to be with someone else. But why are so many relationships in a separation. And why we know so few couples who make it, to want to several years only to each other. The Generation relationship, we are really unable to. We wanted to know, and have spoken with unhappy married men. And it was striking how often they repeated these things, they control most of the woman’s frustration, you have to be very loved. ‘I wish you would see me every day, something loving when I get home from work. Instead, she assails me literally with things I need to do, and lists of what I have forgotten. I’m standing there like an Idiot, and wonder why I’m here so early to come home, I know the daily Theater. I know you had the children of a busy day. But it would be nice if you would keep in mind that I’ve been working all day. (Daniel, for years married). ‘If you have just met and with each other runs out, it is so much fun. Unfortunately, this greatly decreases, if one is married. The responsibilities of everyday life roll the Elan a bit flat, with the used to each other. Instead of going out, sitting on the Couch and watching TV. That is not how I imagined the Rest of my life. (Jan, for years, married). ‘Why is she not with me more romantic. You don’t want to touch me and sleeps only reluctantly with me (men don’t notice when their wife is right with the thing, and the Sex just quickly want to bring). I have the feeling that it is no longer so to me, as before’. (David, for years married). ‘When my wife and I met, she was great in bed, took me by surprise is constantly updated with new sexy things, and was very keen to experiment. I was crazy about it. But as soon as we were married, has decreased strongly, as if you wanted to attract me with their whole movement, and as soon as everything was cut and dried, it has ceased to strive’. (Leon, for years married). ‘I thought I was doing her a Favor by letting you pick and choose what we eat and how our house is decorated. But she was very frustrated, because she thought, I’m all for it. Instead of talking with me, he’ll eat anything only to himself and snaps at regular intervals completely’. (Jonas, for years married). ‘She complains constantly.

No matter what I do, she complains at every little thing. I fold the Laundry the wrong way and cutting the onion like an Idiot. The pan ruin, when I make fried eggs, and. Let me, please, at least, in addition to you exist in a peaceful manner. (Arne, for years married). ‘It has since the birth of our daughter completely. I love my wife and really don’t want to sound superficial, but it was a really steep Tooth, and has turned, unfortunately, into someone, to which the men turn around. (Mike, for years married). ‘You do not constantly complains that I do not understand you, and times a day in your skin should spend. But they are also not really hard to understand me and my problems. It’s just a matter of who is right.

And that’s sad

(Philipp, for years married). ‘You talk non-stop about the children. The school performance of John, or the cough of Marie are of interest to me also, not a question, but I wish for more normal conversations about life, not just the children. Also if the children make up a large part of your everyday life. (Florian, for years married). ‘My wife is really married to their work. I am happy for you, that she loves her Job so much, but she brings so much work home that I have the feeling that you have never really for me. If you are pretending to listen to me, I feel that the lights are on but nobody is home. She is never fully there for me, but always somewhere else with your thoughts.

The frustrated me

(Stefan, for almost a year married)