To participate in video chat do not have to register, you can just watch the chat visitor, or to authorize the account one of the social networks, then you will have access to all the functionality of the app: virtual Dating, gifts, romantic stickers and private broadcasts girls. Chat created on the platform is completely proprietary and different from all the chat that you saw earlier. Designers have prepared for you a user-friendly interface and nice design, and programmers wide range of functions mostly do not have analogues in other applications. Hour service moderation will protect you from a shocking and offensive video message, making your communication in the chat enjoyable and fun.

Also in chat there is a possibility for earnings. If your video is popular with viewers, you will earn virtual coins which you will be able at will to either spend in the app, or exchanged for real money and get them on your wallet. With this you can earn money even when you are not online, if you have the above option, system will record your video and re-play them in your room when you’re offline, and you’ll get some extra income.

In addition, you can earn just by inviting your friends to join the video chat