Women living in India

We need money to be able to have the project implemented

We have never ceased to be interested in the everyday lives of women and girls in India and therefore have a new project'Voice of Mother India' sent you in the living room of four extraordinary women and is told in short Videos about their family, their Religion and their desires and dreams. For the implementation we take in this journey is a professional camera woman. The only catch: the finances. Therefore, we diligently gather donations for the 'Voice of Mother India' has been running for two weeks. Join us and help us to bring the voices of the Indian girls and women to Germany. Instead of only talking, you come in 'Voice of Mother India'. In addition, you will learn even more about the craziest country in the world and get an insight into culture and Religion. The Balance between traditional family patterns and self-determined life for women in India: of the highest importance, often not an issue, not beginning to reach the consciousness of the masses, desired, a goal for is worth fighting for. Vorunserer trip to India we asked looks to us like the life of a woman in India. We travelled for a while through India, got to know many individual fates, and made us an individual picture of women living in India.

The publishing house young first of all-is looking for this year after seeing and reading the values of the contributions in young media.

We are now officially worth seeing, great that we have made it to the shortlist. Prior to our trip to India we asked ourselves the question, again, everyday life of Indian women looks like and how you organize your life between emancipation and Tradition. Today, at the end of our round trip through India, and after many conversations with different women, and also men, we get a glimpse and can say that the family a very large role to play. Father and mother can decide whether and which school the girl attended, they pass on traditions to their children and accompany or dismissed, the daughter in the family of the husband. Here there are big differences, which depend on the Region, education, and social status of the Parents. Other important elements in the life of an Indian woman, their Religion and their cultural Background in connection with the traditions. A Surprise for us was that the Bihl women in rural and poor state of Madhya Pradesh, a lot more confident and more independent tracks, as some of the women in the cities. Many women are organized in groups in which they discuss their work and their family life and support each other. India roads of Madhya Pradesh, there are many women who run their own grocery store, or your self-made arts and crafts on the way to sell. The living together between a man and a A woman in a Bihl family is on an equal footing, jointly take all family decisions, and both contribute to our income.

This controversy list could expand

We have met all over the country wonderful and strong people, which we trust it, that they can change India their favor. On the white beach of Vagster in Goa, five women on a daily basis. They sell fresh fruit that you bought in the morning to eight in the market. Until eight ten in the morning in the hot sun of the smallest state of India on the legs, in order to sell their goods for ten times the price to tourists. The equivalent of you deserve each customer, in water melon, Papaya, coconut, Mango and banana. A Boy and a girl provide you to both go to a"Hindi-Intermediate-School", the school will cost you rupees per school year. Such parent retailers, such as Sina, to go daily to the beaches up and down the Least have a license to to sell your Goods and you have to take before the police in Eight. It is envisaged that the dealers use to sign in to the"National Association of Street Vendors of India"(NASVI), to be allowed to sell. This registration does not cost much, but is only associated with a high use of time and bureaucratic effort.

For seasonal traders, engaged for only three months in this business, it is very cumbersome.

If you do not have a license, you will be directed violent of the square, and in the worst case, the goods will be confiscated. The job market in India is divided into two sections, the official and the unofficial labour market.

All tax-registered companies and government organisations fall into the first area, all the small individual entrepreneurs such as farmers, newspaper vendors, day laborers, domestic workers, fruit and vegetable retailers do not have to be tax Proof.

This area brings in little income for the workers, however, from he makes much of the Indian labour market. Around the Indian workers are released after a study by the Indian government from the year (study) in this area. This scheme allows a lot of room for black markets, but it is also a simple solution for the Unskilled with low investment, to have a quick and easy source of income. Achim told us that you earned for your family on the beaches of Goa money, it comes from the neighbouring Karnataka. In the offer, the jewelry is made from cheap steel, so how do you get them on every corner here. Your income you can be a week to send home. As soon as the season is over, she goes back in Karnataka, but there you earned as a casual worker to a maximum of rupees per day.

Your mother can no longer work due to an accident outside of the house, and her father is a rickshaw driver.

Four brothers and three sisters waiting at home, it is the Oldest and thus bears the responsibility for their siblings.

All of which amounts to a high school visit, to a better paid job get the best of government. The lives of women living in a Megacity like Mumbai, is characterized by rapid change. More and more people flock from the neighbouring States to Mumbai, to work and to live. Of the women in the city, it is expected that they maintain their traditions and at the same time the modern city. In a conversation with Gundi Adjani, President of Sava Sudanese Society, it showed that this bridge has not yet been fought, and how important the work of non-governmental organizations.

For Humeri and Cena, it was a matter of course that, years ago, the parents have your husband picked out.

'For rupees and kg of silver' was the wedding of Humeri organized. The money got her the father of the family of her husband. The Tradition wants that the The family of the daughter of the festivities organized. 'For seven days was celebrated, I am the last daughter, is the celebrated most', she told us proudly.

At the time of the wedding, she was not yet prepared for a private family life with her husband.

It was only when she moved to the village of her husband in the house and both of them were for the income responsible, started life of the family. They had five children and they moved to the country. For your daughter the times have changed. As a trained nurse, she lives with her husband, a doctor in the city. Your mother is proud of the development of her daughter and hopes that her grandchildren can find a job in the city.

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