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Please use a newer Version of Internet Explorer or an alternative Browser such as Firefox or ChromeThank You Very Much. Their marriage is already arranged, but then a woman in India makes a clear decision: This man can't marry you.

Your motivation shows a lot of love to your dog.

Krishna Wali is a remarkable woman. The young Indian woman has rejected the groom, the family had picked out for her.

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In India it takes a lot of courage. For your decision you had a special reason for this: The groom didn't like your dog. On Twitter, a Screenshot shows the WhatsApp Dialog between Wali and inability to groom. 'Hey, I'm still waiting on a response. And even my Parents ask', and writes therein the groom. 'I thought we'd talked about it,' says Wali. 'The dog is going to be an issue. 'Can we think about a solution, asks the man. 'I don't want a dog comes to my love life get in the way and I don't want to share the bed with him. 'And my mother, like most dogs. It Wali responds: 'that's Why I'm saying that it will not work. However, Wali was undeterred: 'Yes, I'm sure.

To have a dog is definitely not just a Phase.

And then she writes a sentence, most of the dog is the owners, the heart pumping: 'I can leave my dog for anyone. The inability to groom is definitely too far: 'I'm sorry to say. But marry, please, in the case of Your dog. 'My mother believed that the groom would perfectly fit, because he is handsome and wealthy,' said Wali of the Entertainment site BuzzFeed. 'It a lot of pressure from my family, and still believes, that it was a mistake, my concerns about the dog. Still, the groom's probably trying to Wali to change his mind and brings you more and more against him: 'He says things like 'family should be the priority in life and not the career the young woman. In fact, it is in conservative Indian families, women move to the wedding in the house of the groom's family, only wife and mother and the will of her husband to bend.

That does not seem to be the life that Wali has in mind.

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