Danish spouse: family traditions, culture, features

What is their secret? Let's try to understand this

The Scandinavian countries are already called the best place to stay for no more than a yearIn these Northern countries, everyone can enjoy life in all its forms. Traditionally, life here is beautiful not only for residents and tourists (by the way, not as numerous as in hot countries), but also for families. Don's wedding is one of the most interesting options for a girl from almost every country in the world.

And no...

Meetings in Denmark yesterday and today

Denmark is one of the ideal places for solo travelers

Despite their reserved temperament, Danes are very romantic and almost never shy of meeting someone who uses a member of the opposite sexA romantic holiday in Denmark almost never ends with serious consequences - marriage, pregnancy or even a long-term relationship. Therefore, there is no need to rely on a single or one-time date and drive to the coast of Denmark.

We are not even talking about Danish preferences, b...


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