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The slump is yet to be reported

Twelve girls and a man, is case-sensitive according to the movie's title sequence girl and man, is an Austrian crime-Comedy directed by Hans Quest out of the yearToni Sailer and Margit Nynke are in the main roles, Gunther Philipp, Gerlinde Locker, Joe Stöckel and Ernst Waldbrunn in supporting roles. In the gendarmerie post of the upper sky Brunn of gendarmerie post Josef Walz and auxiliary commander of the gendarme Otherwise Seidl prevails cloudy mood: The mayor of upper sky Brunn want to let the Post close to the building for tourism use.

A Post was not necessary, since the village is never a crime to happen.

Joseph is grieved, because he would be retired in the case of a dismissal, immediately. Anders is desperate, because he would have to leave his beloved Rosel, which is also a first-class cook. This fact reinforces the desire of the mayor to close the Post, Rosel yet his daughter. One day appears Rosel upset at your father, were but stolen from the larder of their host, house, several hams, and cans of Lobster. Different and Josef begin awkward with the investigation, but Rosel Josef confesses secretly, that she has faked the break-in, the gendarmerie post is not closed. Since the competent Rittmeister Lanz believed that behind the slump smugglers could put that wanted to stock up for your thief tours with food, he sends the cops Florian Thaler for undercover investigation after the upper sky Brunn. Florian takes up the work gladly, knowing that he will be in the area, twelve young women take a vacation that he met during his work as a ski instructor. In the upper sky Brunn Florian suspects quickly that the burglary was faked, says Rosel during the interrogation, but that the window for The dining room from the inside taken. To make the case, not rashly to submit a track with a groomed Ski and is one of the abandoned mountain huts, and there'll be someone. He does not suspect that the mountain hut is actually a group of Antiques smugglers as a shelter. Because the ideas come at the wrong track from a crime novel by Josef and Else in the hut, forgets, Florian, the two quickly on the track. He covers you, nevertheless, he has still contact to the twelve young women and their Director Eva in love.

With a Trick, he can bring you even that he is allowed to stay with you.

Shortly before the departure of the women, Florian held a Fox hunt, when he is the Fox. On his Tour through the mountains, he comes over to the ski Lodge, which had been Otherwise prepared. Suddenly, he hears a window slam shut shop and sees in the hut, one of the smugglers. It comes to a fight, and finally to a wild chase, at the end of Florian is not only a smuggler, but the whole gang and his comrades, the police can pass. The arrests Florian has forgotten the Fox-hunting entirely. The women to have Eva waiting in vain for him, and are disappointed at the end so that you leave early. Florian, the promotion for his fact to the Lieutenant, and thus also head of the ski school, the police, follows the women, and can catch up to you eventually. It comes to a reconciliation with Eva, who will marry Florian.

Officially, he is supposed to do there for vacation days

Also between Different and Rosel everything will be fine. Florian's success was only due to the preparatory work of Anders and Josef. Otherwise, will be promoted to the gendarmes, but rather be an innkeeper and Rosel married. Mayor Fux gives his consent, and Rosel and Otherwise fall into the arms. Twelve girls and a man is based on the stage play The Gangster of Valence by Wolfgang Ebert. The Film buildings created Fritz and Theodor Harnisch. Was made the Film in the Studio Rosenhügel Wien-Film GmbH, the external shots in Zer, Lech and the Arlberg. Toni Sailer sings in the Film, the songs I'm the happiest person in the world and Oh, Zuleika. Ursula Heyer and Grit Böttcher carry the song the heart of the thriving conquered eleven of the piece and Toni Sailer and the twelve ladies sing the Franz Grothe and Willy Dehmel-made song, To be a Sheikh in Persia (Twelve girls and a man). The Film had the. October in Vienna its world premiere. In the Federal Republic of Germany, he was also on. Published on October. In July, he came to the Soviet cinema, in February, he had been premiered in Finnish television, and in December he was in Calgary in Canada published. The international title Tele Girls and One Man.

The movie's called Twelve girls and a man a"harmless-light-hearted crime story That's nonsense, but to be proper,"was the Cinema.

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