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market GmbH and coKG: your Portal for Other animals ads, Pets and farm animals View from Germany. Quite simply, the placement of Pet puppies, cats, or horses, advertise or buy. We use on our website Cookies and other technologies to give you the full functionality of our offer. Cookies allow for the personalization of content and can be set for the playout of advertising or for the purpose of analysis. By continuing to use our website, you consent to the use of Cookies. For more information, including how to disable Cookies can be found in our Here you will find a Young-man from Other animal show, home and Farm Animals Classifieds. Please click on an ad for more information, good with animals, because I myself had a dog and me again with a wish.

I am very pet friendly.

To contact Antonio from Mannheim, you can simply click on the Link below. and at the moment, I can fill a year up to my year abroad in India.

I can be very good with animals.

To contact Cedric from Wunstorf, simply click on the Link below. Not to Marry, but to strengthen our volunteer Teams for various activities, for example, as a driver, Builder, garden work, Dog Walker, feed storage, etc. There are also several taps from hobby must submit breeding. Mix of Sudheimer and are chicken. Price per pet per Euro. Hens are currently NO. Am not going to answer all day on the PC, but likes to every request. The pick-up location close to Gangelt Billy goats Called crumbs, which is the beginning of January, is born. We want to make now breeding from our little Hobby, because our Limit is reached. The animals are with us for the whole year Outdoors and have a large stable and can freely in and out as you need it. You live in a large forest and meadows of the corral. Here you can see a very nicely drawn Mix Wyandotten chickens from our small Hobby breeding. The chicken is on.

hatched and has since developed magnificently.

Unfortunately, there are. Just training to be an engineer in the Munich S-Bahn. Have previously had dogs and therefore good experience in dealing with dogs. Every day could. To contact Markus from Munich, simply click on the Link below. and love animals more than anything. I myself have cats. To contact Gianna from Munich, simply click on the Link below.

I would like to help in this way, other cat owners.

Therefore, I search for minor jobs

By Sieglinde from Koblenz to contact, simply click on the Link below.

Chipmunks in various colors from approved breeding.

If you have questions simply.

Answer also like to ask to the attitude and over the life of the animals.

Strip loner family from Hamburg Blankenese croissants and offer us help. To contact with love, Rebecca Rebecca, Judith, Isabel, from Hamburg, simply click on the Link below. and I am a student here in Braunschweig pharmacy. I grew up with dogs and miss animals scary, if I am here in Braunschweig. To contact Catharina from Braunschweig, you can simply click on the Link below. and had several Pets too, am grown up with animals.

I hope that I can relieve someone may perhaps currently not so good its.

To contact Selina out to eat, simply click on the Link below. full-grown or old. If you are interested, just me, you and your offers would report Four-legged friends to meet.

To contact Anna from forest moor simply click on the Link below.

I live in mosquito and offer all-day dog care.

Because I can have a big house with a large garden, your Love to me let off steam. To contact Sabine from green mountain and mosquito you just click on the Link below. I am currently a student at the TUM. I also own my own dog. She is a small mongrel and very quiet and would. To contact Nadine from Munich, simply click on the Link below. and to me this animal care lie especially since I have been able to build the trust of the animal and a lot of fun. To contact Monique from Leipzig simply click on the Link below. Husky bitch (she is months old) would be Important, therefore, that your treasure will be understood with other dogs) I am currently pregnant and not working, so I have. To contact Lisa from Hamburg, Germany just click the Link at the bottom.

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