Alwar is a city in the North of India, just kilometers from the capital city of New Delhi. Early in the Morning, the women gather here at the Central supply point for water. Each has as many containers as you can carry. It comes to get hold of as much of the valuable Wet, because the the quantity available is limited. Of the last drops from the cock, the women were too late, empty. Water is these days in India, of course. The country is groaning memory under the worst water crisis since people, millions of households know how to make ends meet. India is in water crisis. Women’s pin at the public water taps until the source dries up. Indians die each year because of access to clean water is lacking. So it is in a report by the National Institution for transforming India, a Think-Tank. Millions of people threatens the water sooner or later to be expected. This condition is referred to as water stress. Noticeably the the public water tap of Alwar. As the water dries up, is part of Mocha Bai to those who had to go with empty buckets home. Bai is years old. ‘I will not go blank for the first Time’, she says. ‘Today I must back to my neighbors to water ask. The government needs to take care of our problem urgently. In rural India, especially the poor are affected sensitive to extreme weather and climate change. Millions of Indians have no access to clean drinking water, reports Wate Raid, an organization that makes use of the world for the supply of water. Water management with natural materials, the supply of water in India’s villages is sure, However, all bad news, however, There are people who do exactly where the Need is greatest. One of the ‘Aquarius’ Rojender Singh. It is called so, because he has more than villages, and rivers, gave the water back. To do this, he pours a mound of earth, the rivers, a new bed and embankments created by the water is always in movement and not more unused can seep in. For his work for the Ramon Magsaysay was him-the price and the Stockholm Waters Prize to be awarded is nothing less than the ‘Nobel prize of the Water’. Singh’s organization, Traun Bharat Singh has removed their headquarters, hardly kilometers from Alwar in the place. Here the Situation is quite different. In the rather arid Region trees to grow a lush, green canopy of leaves, the Wind blowing zaust. Water stress is not known here. In the eye of the many dams made of earth. The Locals have built them, they collect and store rain water. It is mainly women who fetch water and take care of the children. Therefore, they are often affected most by water scarcity, The Shinji of Ram remembers well the construction of the dams.

Dark past, bright present, he says. ‘Where formerly barren Land, today there is water and blossoming trees’, says Shinji Ram. ‘The river dried up earlier, now flows via sometimes even. Rajendras technology has helped the village to have water again. He locks the monsoon currents and took advantage of Slopes to collect water. Shinji Ram occurs at the so-called ‘water Parliament’, a Forum where hundreds of farmers come together to discuss the theme of water. People from many areas come together. Women are just as sitting in front of a place as men, different castes and creeds together. They all share the same Problem. ‘Community Management is the best method to use of natural resources,’ says Rojender Singh at the event. ‘We were able to in the last few years. Dams, weirs and sand barriers build. We were also able to around. Fountain, long dried up, and water supply. At the meeting, Singh explained, among other things, what is the role of the ‘Johans’ play — so Erzdumme be called, used to store age to the Indian Tradition, to the water. They help to prevent Flooding and to increase groundwater levels significantly. The low walls of such a dam support this to slow down the flow of water in the rainy season and to release water through the earth leakage, so Singh. There it will stay until the next dry phase. Women are affected in India is often of the most of water scarcity. Salmon Bai Karalis, attended the meeting to learn more about what it can do. ‘Rojender has advised us to form self-help groups for women. We should create the necessary structures to catch and store rainwater and to save it’, she says of the DW. ‘Each of these constructions of cubic meters of water per hectare of area stores. Thus, the ground-water level by about six meters. This was seen in the fountain. India’s current water crisis cannot be delayed, says Rojender. You must act immediately. ‘When India became independent from British rule, there was just in villages with no drinking water supply. Today, there are. The risk of droughts has increased tenfold, the Probability of Flooding is eight Times higher. The reason for this is that large parts of the waters are exposed to the effects of pollution, sand mining and water extraction. In India percent of the world’s population lives. The country has only four percent of the world’s available fresh water. It is assumed that the water demand up to the year will double. This could exacerbate the Problem and water shortages for hundreds of millions of people mean. This problem is also U.

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The Secretary of the Indian Ministry of water resources estimates, India had a share of percent of the global groundwater consumption of the world’s largest groundwater user. ‘This has become a Problem, because the sustainability is missing. The groundwater flows are drying up, and because of the way that the resource in India is being exploited, could dry up the water in a day. Many Regions Of India unfortunately, under a murderous heat wave. About people, particularly farmers and field workers, should yet be died, a twelve-year-old girl fetching water. This man protects himself with a shield on the bottom of a dried-up reservoir in the state of Gujarat. The rainy season begins in the Indian subcontinent, at the earliest, in June. Hundreds of tank load regions to try the car is currently in Drought to bring relief. In this village in Gujarat, the Housewives gather containers of clean water in a metal can. On the line every ten days with fresh water. In some regions of the trains even bring the much-needed water. These villagers leave the inner containers and the station is filled with water. For the next few days, the water must be sufficient. Due to the ongoing drought, the water level drops. A lot of house wells in the vicinity of Mumbai dry. Nevertheless, the residents try, the last bit of remaining water from the murky depth pick up. The village of the Urals, in Gujarat is situated on the kilometre long Chewable river, the only source of water for the agricultural Region. This is, however, dried up. The villagers pumps here illegally water from a channel. Despite the high temperatures, many Indians have to work in an Outdoor environment, such as here on the grain market in the Northern Indian city of Chandigarh. While a seller give a SIP of water, looking at the other Thirsty way. For weeks, the heat wave in the South and East of India. In many places the temperatures are above grade. In the shimmering heat above the Asphalt cars and motorcycles, as spirit beings, move. In southern India a hundred years old water has escalated the conflict again. The distribution fight between the States of water is one of the biggest challenges for the country. Fabian Kretschmer from Chennai. They need little water, grow quickly and the roots deep. A German plant Indian Nem-trees in the arid North of Peru. You will not only help the climate, but to bring even more benefits. After the strongest rains for more than a century, vast areas in the South are flooded in India.

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People had to flee in the state of Tamil Nadu before the floods. The way to a plastic free future is long and exhausting, even in India. A woman has made up her mind to go to him anyway: she wanders more than a kilometre, in order to encourage people in the country. A quarter of the population starving: More than a million Indians are affected according to the government of a severe drought. For people, animals and fields, there is a lack in many States of water. Jordan is making great efforts to provide its people with water. In the dry Land, it consumes a lot of energy, and yet the water is not often. New technology could be the solution. In the Afghan capital, Kabul, falls the groundwater level dramatically. In ten years, the water could be exhausted in the stocks entirely. Religion, help — thinking scholars, but in a different way than you might. Since the meat of the menu of Forest Green Rovers is gone, it seems to go for the English Club, only uphill. How helpful of sustainability and organic Vegetables is really. A Visit To The Site